Oh, the excitement!!! Big news in our little hotel in the middle of rural China! You heard it here first! We now have satellite (how in the world do you spell that?) HBO! Evidently the hotel has bought a dish, or they have paid for the channels, or something… I don’t know how, but we have it. Don’t get too excited for us, yet, though. It seems we will only get HBO as long as the “Master Channel” is tuned to HBO. If some hotel manager or worker decides to change the channel, our channel changes, too. HBO must be pretty popular, because it has been on for a while now. My big disappointment is that when I found out we had the channel, “Catwoman” was on, which just so happened to be the English movie of the week on CCTV a few weeks ago. (Yes, I did watch every minute of it that night even though it was nominated for the worst movie of the year. I’m desperate for anything other than Chinese game shows and Britney Spears videos. They love her!?)
I’m pretty happy tonight, because at 10PM Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom will be on. (Yea I’ve seen it 20 times, but so what!) I hope I don’t turn into a bed potato. (I can’t technically be a couch potato since we don’t have a couch, just our bed and a couple of chairs in our room.) I could very easily see myself slipping into some kind of English TV deprivation psychosis where I overdose on HBO and am found weeks later hungry, wide-eyed and clutching the remote tightly in my hand.

Think about me when you are flipping through your 450 channels, or however many you crazy Westerners get these days!


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