Today was so cold!! On my way to work this morning at 8AM, (an early morning, usually I go in at 9:30), it was – 3 celsius. (That is cold in Fareneheit.) The heat has not yet been turned on at the school, but thankfully, the hotel decided to turn their heat on yesterday. I once read that the official day for heat in China is November 15th, so hopefully the school will take the hint and turn it on. All of us have been wearing coats, scarves and hats inside our offices and classrooms! The high today was 7 celsius (~45 F). It is also humid, which makes the cold much worse. I am beginning to think that we possibly have jumped over Autumn and fallen into Winter.

What do you think of this photo?


SNOW? No, actually it is just some sort of fertilizer or soil mixture that was placed around this tree, which is right in front of the new mansion hotel being built down the road from our current hotel. A lot of work has been done on the building and it looks as though it should be ready in another month or two. With any luck, I will be swimming in the new indoor, heated pool for New Year’s! (Don’t hold your breath!)


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