Because 3 Stars is Never Enough

Today is turning out to be a nice, somewhat blue sky day. I love these days! With the cool weather and the sun shining as brightly as is allowed in China, I feel happy and invigorated. Looking out the window, I’ve noticed that the once brown, barren fields surrounding the hotel are now green again. A few weeks ago, after the corn harvest, I noticed the farmers tending to the fields, now I know that they were indeed planting something. The visibility is good, so that means the students will be flying.

Down the street from our hotel workers have been constructing a mammoth mansion-looking building. We have been hearing all sorts of rumors about what the building is supposed to be. Turns out that it is going to be an “international club” with about 70 hotel rooms. (5 star rooms) Supposedly it will have a restaurant, lounge, gym, swimming pool, turkish bath and who knows what else. Some of us instructors (the first 20) are going to get some of the hotel rooms. I’m very curious about this, as we are in the group of 20. Sometime in the next 2 to 3 months it should be completed and then we’ll see if these rumors are true. Personally, I’d love to live in a 5 star hotel with a pool and turkish baths at my doorstep. (Our current home is a 3 star hotel.) Here is a photo of the mansion about a month or so ago. There has been a lot of progress since this photo was taken, I’ll try to get some updated shots.


It’s 12:15 and I am off to work this afternoon. I hope wherever you are, your day is beautiful and blue, too.


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