Hmm… I Guess My Life is Boring Right Now

Sorry about the lapse over the last week, I suppose I haven’t had too much to blog about. Today is DH’s birthday. Over the weekend we celebrated both his birthday and the arrival of a good friend, M, from Spain. It has been three years since we have seen him and it is great to be together again. When we lived in Costa Rica, M was our roommate. Here we are again in a developing nation!

By celebrating, I mean we ate at our favorite City Chinese restaurant and went out to a popular club for dancing. We were quite surprised to see about 15 Americans there, who are all English teachers in the city. It was nice to chat in English about our shared experiences in China and how they found the city to live in. We have heard rumors that we may be moving into apartments in the city soon. Rumors are best ignored until they are no longer rumors, however, especially in China.

We spent very little time in the city over the past week so it was nice to get out. I’ve been working very hard (yea, I know, 4 hours a day is such a trial…) and we’ve been homebodies, spending our time reading or cruising the internet.

I’ve noticed some fall foliage around the airport, so I will try to get some pictures uploaded this week!

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