Life with Animals

Another Sunday morning and I find myself in front of the computer, reading the “newspaper” and sipping some good old nescafe. One thing that I love about China is that there is always boiling water available – all the hotels and restaurants have these big metal water heaters with a tap for dispensing the perfect temperature water for tea and coffee. Many people fill up a thermos to keep hot water with them through the day. I’m not a fan of drinking plain hot water, as the Chinese do, but I do love tea and instant coffee.

Perhaps I should call this week’s posts “animal week,” as I have more animal related news. This time it is happy. We have pets! I’d like to introduce you to “Greg.”

Greg just appeared in our room one day, and we’re happy to have him, since Geckos

eat bugs and all. Besides, he’s quiet and doesn’t require any care!
We’ve also been looking in on our neighbor’s pets while he is away. So here is pet #2, Roxy, an adorable kitten.

Roxy is a cute little cat with a ton of energy, which contrasts nicely with pet #3, a nameless turtle.

This turtle climbed up a little porcelain mountain that is sitting in his bowl in order to maximize his sun exposure. Interesting animal, but not nearly as cuddly as Roxy.

Our final pet of the day is a bit of a surprise, really. Yesterday the power went out at the hotel for several hours. Out of boredom we did a little exploring and went up to the roof. There we discovered that the rooster who wakes us up every morning at 4 AM actually lives on our roof, not at some distant farm as we had thought. Here is a pic of him, taken from our room window.

So as you can see, animals are becoming a big part of our life, and not just for eating! 😉 (although I think the rooster’s days are numbered.)


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