And You Thought I Was Joking About the Pollution!

I’ve taken some pictures out of my hotel room window so that you have an idea about what sort of weather we get around here. The first photo is of the most beautiful day that I have seen yet in my 5 weeks in China. In the distance you can see a mountain, something I had never seen until the day the photo was taken. In the second photo, you can see the same exact shot, but taken today, when it is foggy and heavily polluted. To be fair, I must say that it is not only pollution that makes up this misty veil. It is very humid and likely to rain tonight, so much of what you see is actual fog. Still, this is what heavy pollution days are like, with visibility at just 1 kilometer. Could you learn how to fly an airplane in that?

mountain_view no_mountain
Pretty dramatic!


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