Sunday Morning Observations

I’m sitting here on a lovely Sunday morning – minimum pollution and blue sky – listening to the sounds out my window:

  • a rooster crowing (He’s been up since around 4:30 am)
  • a distant tuk-tuk (These are little 3 wheeled trucks that are used for hauling things around. Here at the airport you see them hauling bricks, sand, construction materials and, sometimes, people. They have small engines that sound like tuk-tuk-tuk.)
  • airplanes taking off, landing and flying over head
  • Chinese voices (There is a basketball court near by where the students play for hours.)

It is 16 C outside this morning, mid 60s F. Every evening and morning it is getting noticeably cooler. The day’s high is still in the mid 20s though, 80s F. The stores in the city are full of puffy winter coats and everyone is buying. Makes me think of 2 things:

  1. People are style-conscious and enjoy buying a new winter coat every year
  2. The quality is such that one needs to buy a new coat every year.

To be fair, it does seem to be the higher classes who are purchasing, so perhaps it is out of vanity. I imagine my farmer neighbors will make do with what they have.

Most of the men around the airport are sporting green, long, military-style coats. They wear these coats whether they are actually in the Army or not. These coats seem to do be very warm and I think you can actually buy them, so there is no need to be in the Army to get one. They range in appearance from very new to extremely worn, and often they are too big for the wearer. They are often cinched in at the waist with a black belt.


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