Fall is Here and I have a Vacation!

Hooray for China’s National Day celebrations! I’ve just found out I have the entire week off! While I would just love to laze around doing nothing for the week, I feel I should use this precious time to create some new lesson plans and come up with some activities for the students to do.

Autumn has fallen here or at least it is coming fast! The temperature plummeted to 20 C yesterday (That’s about 70 F), and the pollution blew off for a while. Although it was a bit warmer today, the blue skies remained and I felt inclined to throw on a light scarf with my blazer, which felt fantastic. The leaves on a few of the trees are turning colors. I have noticed maples, sumac and weeping willows here. There are also lots of rose bushes. The airport has been landscaped and there are always groups of workers trimming (by hand!) the grass and shrubs.

I’ve noticed an area next to the airport terminal which has a small pagoda and a pond. I may take a walk over there this week and see if it is a nice place to sit and relax, and not a smelly cess-pool of stagnant water! (I’ve seen a few lily pads so I assume it will be nice.)

Fall is definately my favorite season. I love the colors, the crispness in the air and I love being able to throw on a nice sweater or a light jacket.
The good news is that with the improvement in weather, the instructors have been able to fly with their students pretty steadily.


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