Update on the Class

So the class went okay. I think it is actually easier teaching a class of 35 than just 2 or 3. We spent the whole class just doing introductions. With more students the time passes quickly, so you really have to be organized and aware of the time. I think it will be easier to do activities with a big group.

The students all speak some English, although with a huge range in ability. It will take me forever to remember all of their names, so next class we are going to do some kind of game to practice names. The problem I see a lot in China is that the style of teaching and learning is very much teacher-oriented. The teacher stands before the class and recites and the students listen. I do not think there is very much interaction. As a result, the students don’t really know how to take initiative and don’t always understand the concept of games and activities. Since I want this to be a speaking & pronunciation class, I am just going to have to get them motivated to talk. It wasn’t a problem today, everyone seemed excited.

BTW – they have chosen English names and some of them went crazy and chose things like Shrek, Eagle, and Cloud.


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  1. myownliccleworld Says:

    GOOD ON YOU!!! going to china and teaching Englishier methods would do the people there so much good! I am chiese but live inScotland and have never recieved an education in china but it i no from my cousins that it is sooo different, they just get expected to listen adn recite loads and they seem to have to treat the teacher like God. I agree that teachers do deserve respect but not quite to the level that you cant have the slightest laugh with them, learning in a relaxed environment is much more effective, i look forward to reading your blog to see what you think of china cos i have been there myself and i think its so different!

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