NYtimes.com Disappoints!

Living in China, you often feel very disconnected from the Western world. The only access to news that I have is through the internet. I visit many different news sites to stay informed. One of my favorite things to do when bored was read the op-ed columnists at the online New York Times. Today I have discovered that NY Times is now charging for access to these columnists. I can still access news stories.

This really annoys me because it is not like I can go to my local library to read the opinion pieces. I rely solely on the internet. I will not pay the fee purely on principle. I understand that the NY Times is actually producing a product for sale with their newspaper, but come on, just imagine how much money they make, surely they can afford to allow internet users to access these columns.

Sounds like Chinese government policies. Millions of people in China are struggling for the right to access opinion pieces – the government is trying to stop online news outlets from posting anything but government approved or government written news stories.


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