Home is Where the Refrigerator Is…

This weekend our mini-fridge and water cooler were delivered to our hotel room, which is now more of a studio apartment. It is really amazing having cold drinks, ice, cheese, yogurt, all the things we take for granted. It looks as though we may be living in the hotel for longer than we thought, which really isn’t too big of a deal. We’ve made it homey. I’ll upload some pictures if I can figure out how to do that!

We also bought a new monitor for our computer. We were using the TV as a monitor, but it was really difficult to see details and read small print. Now we have a 17′ flat screen monitor and it is fabulous! I’m working on designing a new look for the blog page, so hopefully that will happen today.

I am not at work right now because I am sick. I don’t know what happened. Yesterday I just started to feel all achy and now I have a low-grade fever. Must be a cold or a touch of flu. I don’t feel terrible, but I am not feeling good either. I didn’t want to risk making any of the students sick. They have too much going on right now, with flying and studying, to get sick.


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