A New Job

I have a new job! For the first time ever, I happened to be in the right place at the right time! I am now the remedial English tutor for the academy! To get started, I ‘ve spent the last two days editing and proofreading the academy’s English website, which was in “Chinglish” or very bad English, as translated directly from Chinese. I am learning that Chinese is a very flowery language. I hope to learn more, but for now I only know how to say hello (Ni Hao), thank you (Xie Xie) and how much (Dor Shao Che).
Today is a beautiful day. It rained over the past couple of days, sending the pollution away for a few days. I’ve noticed that after the rain, there are rust spots all over my brand new bicycle. Acid rain perhaps? It is noticeably cooler out, too, which I am thrilled about.

Speaking of bicycles, two days after we bought them, DH’s left pedal fell off. He hasn’t been able to get back to the store to have it fixed. I told him he should have not been so cheap and paid an extra $10 for a fabulous bike like mine.
The other day we went into the city to look at mini-refrigerators and water coolers. In China, there is plenty of boiling hot water to be found everywhere, but what we want is COLD water! It turns out that a very nice medium sized refrigerator is only about $200! So we are going to get one. That way we can keep essentials like milk, yogurt and water cold. (DH insists that beer is also an essential.)

It is lunch time (11 AM) so I am off to the canteen.


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