Double Decker Donkey Trucks

There are a lot of trucks on the highways of China, loaded to the max with all sorts of interesting things. They are not the usual American style eighteen-wheelers, more like the European style with smaller trailers and smaller cabs. I imagine they are transporting all the goods and materials used to make the stuff we consume everyday all across the world. Today I saw a double-decker trailer, loaded up with donkeys, sort of the way we transport cattle in the US, except the top trailer was open to the air. Many of you know my obsession with donkeys, so it was sort of a cool sight for me. Unfortunately, donkey is treated like any other meat here in China, and I have heard that there is a Mongolian restaurant behind our hotel that serves a very good donkey barbecue. I can’t imagine in a million years that I will be checking that out, but DH says he is game to try it.

Today was an extremely polluted day and now I understand why people complain. The air literally tasted of chlorine at times. That has got to be bad for the lungs. The visibility was so bad that the academy couldn’t even do any flights. We went to the city to pick up our now fully-functioning digital camera and stopped by the provincial museum. There we learned that the chief products of the region are chemicals! No Kidding!!
I have heard that Shijiazhuang is one of the most polluted cities in China. What a shame that we are living in it. Actually, I have also heard for the first time ever they are actually trying to do something about it. The problem is that there are many coal power plants and chemical factories around and they have been pretty lax with anti-pollution measures in the past. Now with the Olympics coming in 2008, China wants to suddenly make everything nice and clean. We’ll see. Yes, I know the Olympics will be in Beijing, but we are only a few hours from there and the airport here will most likely be used as a secondary destination.

Hopefully with the coming of fall we will start to have those crisp, clear days that I love so much. (I did say hopefully…)


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