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The Village

8 September 05

Today DH and I ventured to the “village.” (I have no idea what it’s name is, that is just what everyone refers to it as. Sort of makes me think of that creepy movie, The Village.) It was only about a 20 minute walk away. Basically, it is a stretch of road with shops along both sides, for about a quarter mile. The shops sell things like bicycles, food, alcohol, industrial stuff, clothes, etc. It is very dusty and sandy and doesn’t really have any charm at all. But the villagers were very friendly. Everyone kept calling out “hello” to us, which is their only English. Again, we were the morning entertainment. We each bought a bicycle, from separate stores so we could kind of “spread the wealth.” Mine is maroon. Nothing special about it except it has an extra suspension spring. The bikes are like paper and we are worried about even riding over a rock with them, lest they fall to pieces. Quality does leave a lot to be desired here. Still, they will get us around just fine, and for a total of $25 you can’t complain. (Although that is a fortune to the villagers.)

Tonight we ate at the academy canteen. We had rice, a stir-fry with pork, red bell peppers & celery, and a pear, all for 50 cents. It is so unreal!! (I have to admit that although very cheap, the canteen food is not all that great. We are going to try more restaurants around the airport to see if they are better.)

I hope to have a link up to some pictures soon. Back in Toronto, I broke the LCD display on our digital camera, so we were unable to use the menu or see pictures after we took them. Well, we visited an authorized Canon repair shop here and found out that for repair and labor it would only cost $50, so we are getting it fixed. I can’t wait to get the camera fixed so we can take lots of pictures.