The Stresses of Moving

I haven’t been posting too much lately, but I thought I would update on what has been happening. Basically all I have been doing lately is stressing. I packed up all of my VIPs (very important possessions) and loaded them in my car. Tuesday my mom and her friend flew up from Texas and today they drove South with the car. I’ve been trying to sell everything else that I can. So far a lot has been sold, but the piles of books and clothes everywhere are distressing me.

The visa stuff is coming along, DH will have his visa in about 4 days. I am waiting for my school to mail me the documents I need for my visa – another week. I am so glad that we didn’t actually buy our tickets yet. My stomach would be in a huge churn if we had. I am not sure we are going to have the visa by the 28th. UGGGGHHHHHHHHH. I almost want to say: “Forget it!!! I’ll just go over on a tourist visa and hang out for 6 months or so…..” But no, I want to do something. I am sure I will love teaching and at least it will be a way to meet people.

The other day I was warmed by a little observance I had of an elderly Chinese man and his grandson in the Kensington Market park. In the park they have a little wading pool, and it is always full of kids splashing and playing. I was sitting in the park enjoying the sun when I noticed a little boy looking intently at the water. It was clear that he wanted to get in the water, but he wasn’t too sure about it. He was accompanied by an older Chinese man, dressed in the typical fashion of the older Chinese I often see in the neighborhood: long pants, socks with sandals, a long sleeve sweater. Finally the little boy could stand it no longer, he had to get in the water. The grandfather removed the boy’s socks, and rolled up his pants above his knees. Then he took off his own socks and sandals, and rolled his pants up above his knees. Then he took the boy by the hand and escorted him in to the water. The two walked around the pool, lightly splashing and laughing together. It was so sweet. I am sure that this sort of exchange could have occurred anywhere in the world, but I was particularly touched because they were Chinese.

I have been living in Chinatown for 2 1/2 years, but lately I have really been paying attention to the signs, the people, the foods, the hustle & bustle. I guess it is a small-scale preview of what is to come.


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