Moving On

Today I learned that there are people actually reading this blog. That sort of changes things slightly in my mind, as I type things. I hope that I don’t $cens*or myself too much. (Trying to thwart the cen&sor bots – do they do that? Evidently the Chinese government tries to ce!nsor the internet…. It will be interesting to be in a country where you can’t take your rights and freedoms for granted!)

Today was also my last shift at the hospital. I am not sure how I feel about that, which stuns me. I thought I would be jumping for joy, but I guess it is my coworkers who I keep thinking about. There is something about working in that environment… You develop really genuine friendships, or the complete opposite. I guess it is the intimate atmosphere, dealing with life and death, illness, sharing the sometimes incredibly strange or gross things that nurses do and see. I am very lucky to have worked with some really incredible people! (And I am not just saying that because some of you may be reading this!)


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