Pilot Guides

I love Pilot Guides. Actually, I love travel documentaries in general. I guess if I am not actually traveling I prefer to armchair travel.

Last night we watched an episode of Pilot Guides about Central China. I am so glad we saw it. The guide went from Shanghai over to Xi’an. It was great to see Shanghai and the countryside was so beautiful. She travelled down the Yangtze River and then up one of its tributaries. I guess all of that will be gone when the three gorges dam is finally finished. The program was great because we saw a little bit of what China looks like and I think we were shocked by how modern it seemed in many places. I think I was picturing something more like San Jose. Anyway, I am more excited than ever!!

Here’s a question: Didn’t Pilot Guides used to be Lonely Planet? And why did it change? And was it once also called Globe Trekker?


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