Toilets in China

I’ve been doing a lot of research on what life is like in China. I came across this fascinating reading on Dave’s ESL Cafe. It really is more than you ever wanted to know about China’s “facilities.”

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I’ve been to Beijing, Qingdao and Qufu, and Shanghai, and here is my experience with toilets.

1. Fabulous Western Toilets—the kind you find in your apartment if you have a western style apartment, or a fancy western restaurant or hotel lobby and rooms. Never tried flushing toilet paper though, you just never know….
2. Quirky Western toilets—the kind you find in your apartment or western style dorm that is not quite as luxurious ( but who needs luxury anyway), They are old toilets that flush in a funny way. some are in restaurants or bars in shanghai (emphasis on SOME)

3. Luxurious Squatter—hole in the ground with a porcelin border and convenient foot grips, and it flushes. Found in most places, like restaurants, clubs and bars, even museums and stores. Step away when you flush as flooding can occur.

4. Hole in the ground—yup, hole in the ground. I had to go in one at the Carrefour in Qingdao and several rest stops in the shandong province.

I have never gone in one of the public sh*tters you find in the streets. as far as a school is concerned, I studied at Qingdao Daxue and found the public bathrooms to be toilet category 3 and the ones in the dorms to be toilet category 4

Actually, if you know/learn Chinese, you can tell what you are getting into by reading the name for the bathroom. there are several. it might be a little nicer if it is called the “xi shou jian” or “yu shi.” it is probably a hole if it is called “ce suo” or “gong ce” (look characters up accordingly)

Don’t forget to carry toilet paper with you at all times. it is not provided unless you go in a fabulous western toilet. sometimes you will find a communal roll; you stock up before you enter the toilet. also, some toilets have ashtrays!!! phew! i’m a little disturbed i have rambled that long on toilets….i’m sure we all are!


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